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The storm that brewed after Salman Khan’s recent comment on his grueling shoot schedule that left him feeling like a ‘Raped Woman’ doesn’t seem to slow down. This comment revived the Feminist theory of ‘Rape Culture’ —  culture that blames the victim, shields the rapist with misogynist laws and norms, perpetuates all that , is a ‘rape culture’. Feminists got their fodder for outrage.

Controversies are nothing new to Shobha De. She has forever been in news due to her Politically incorrect stands — sometimes being praised and mostly being ridiculed & trolled. This time Shobha De has rubbed Feminazis the wrong way, that too with just ONE Tweet! Now, thats sheer talent.

With the Feminist propaganda, one may be inclined to agree with the ‘Rape Culture’ theory; but people’s outrage on Salman Khan’s comment itself contradicts the theory! Moreover, when National Commission for Women (NCW) itself declares more than 50% rape cases to be false Link and when every comment that tried to belittle the sufferings of a Rape Victim in recent past met with sharp criticism, ‘Rape-Culture’ theory sounds more like a dark-joke.

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