Joining (or lets say, adding fuel to) the Social Media outrage on Supreme Court’s ban on sale of Firecrackers in Delhi’s NCR, well-known Journalist & Author Sagarika Ghose & Politician Shashi Tharoor tweeted their refutation to comparisons between Diwali Firecrackers & Sacrifices on Eid & Muharram Procession by ‘Internet Hindoos’ – a term coined by Sagarika Ghose long back.

Sagarika Ghose (@sagarikaghose) Tweeted about Killing Goats; there was no mention of any religion. Balanced!

As soon as Sagarika Ghose tweeted this, she was attacked by internet trolls –

Rohit Agarwal (@ragarwal) : Carbon Footprint…

Abhay Dubey (@Journo_Parody) : Ban the bare necessities?

Dhongi Monk (@DhongiMonk) : Confused much?

Nationalist Joker (@EkAkeleSabkoPele) : Killing Humans = Animal Sacrifice?

On the other hand, Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) did not seem to hold back any punches. He specifically attacked use of firecrackers on Diwali and called out the comparisons with Bakr-Eid & Muharram –

Albus Dumbledoor (@dd_hogwarts) minced no words either –

Sankrant Sanu सानु (@sankrant), a Twitter verified account, had what could be the most laconic question in reply to Tharoor’s argument –

and then continued by quoting an article by Huffington post about how cutting down meat consumption can end World-hunger –

Hijab is progressive, Slaughter is “their business”

Harit Seth (@haritseth) had a legal point

which was soon answered by Shakti Rathore (@LordRathore)

Nihar Sheth (@nihusheth) : Problems only in Diwali?

Tharoor replied, like a boss!


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