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Back in 2014, Ram Gopal Verma Tweeted a query regarding Lord Ganesh in a manner which resulted in Public outrage. Though the tone was disrespectful, the question still deserves an answer.

Going by his tweet, it seems RGV’s idea about God ‘almighty’ is a being that is Immortal and Invincible. Though I wouldn’t disagree, there is an extension to this idea —

Limiting God in the word ‘Immortal’ seems a bit immature. Immortality is an idea about those for whom a form is their limited identity, which if once destroyed can not be recovered. Hence immortality is to preserve that form or even the formless identity forever. But what if one gains control over its own and other’s life and death and rebirths… what if death is only a line that it can draw whenever and where ever it wishes to, on the infinite playground of space, time and dimensions? Jumping from one side to the other like a game. Seems like fun, right? This fun can be loosely equated to sanskrit word ‘leela’ (लीला).

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Since RGV is a movie maker, lets put it in way that film-makers & their audiences can relate to. If in a movie an actor dies, does he die in real life too? No, right? Also, theres always a lesson to every story. ‘Leela’ too is similar to a movie.

Shri Ganesh by means of this leela teaches us the kind of respect one must hold for her/his Mother, resolve and bravery. Shiva through the same leela teaches us ill effects of letting our anger get the best of us.

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The Elephant’s head was chosen to free Airavat (Indra’s Elephant) of a curse due to which it had to be born as a mortal.

Also, Elephant’s head has hidden symbolism — large ears to listen to the prayers of his devotees. The Trunk symbolises adaptability… & well, its always good to have an organ that can act as an extra hand. Pretty ‘handy’, right? *Pun intended*

There are many more interesting stories & reasons behind forms of Gods & their stories. All we need to do is start searching for them, instead of rubbishing them all away without even trying to find the hidden wisdom.


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