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Sunetra Choudhury, an NDTV Journalist & Author, was tweeting about an interesting conversation with her Yoga Guru.

As expected, her answers didn’t go down well with Twitter junta. Well, any conversation is much more interesting when the information flows both ways, no?

Its hard to disagree with the above comment, especially when she skipped an entire chapter in Kashmir’s history. Thus, a humble reminder —

Continuing further about the conversation, she tweeted her Husband’s reply to her Yoga Guru —

People usually take a Journalist’s story as truth… even when it isn’t. This Story had too many FLAWS. Thats when Haryana’s Hunk stepped in and straightened the Skewed Story —

Caught red-handed, instead of an apology for spreading false information, the Journo turned to praises. Are these tactics taught in Journalism courses?

With his job done, Randeep Hooda ended the conversation, like a Boss!

She continued with her story, adding another spin — an attempt to garner sympathy for stone-pelters.

Though the misinformation was pointed out by Randeep Hooda himself, her tweets still exist on Twitter. This FALSE information will be included in narratives to prove how India is ‘Rape Capital of the World’. Since it comes from a Journalist, people believe it must be true. One misinformation after another, and thats how Rape-hysteria is fueled. There can be no argument against Rapes being heinous crimes that deserve strictest of punishments, but while we lose no time to outrage on things that contribute to ‘Rape Culture’, shouldn’t we be on guard against false information too? How credible are our Journalists & who benefits from such misinformation — questions that beg for answers.

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