The last time Ram Gopal Verma raised ignorant questions related to Hinduism, it was about Ganapati. We made sure to give him a befitting reply. (Article : Ram Gopal Verma Asked Why Ganapati Couldn’t Save His Own Head. Heres The Answer) This time he trained his Twitter guns at Dussehra and we are ready with answers, again.

Umm… Aren’t we forgetting that people came out on streets in huge numbers demanding justice for Nirbhaya? Indian Society is infamous now for Mob-Lynching Rapists… how does that amount to ‘Ignoring Rapists’? And Ravan didn’t JUST Kidnap ‘a Woman’, He had Raped innumerable Women.

Wait. Raam assaulted and killed a woman? Which one? If Tadka is being referred here, then She wasn’t an innocent woman. She was a Rakshasi who harrassed and killed many Humans. Shoorpanakha wasn’t killed… Lakshmana chopped off her nose because she ASSAULTED Sita. On the other hand, Ravan, as I stated earlier, RAPED innumerable women. He kidnapped Sita and took her to Lanka. He couldn’t touch her because he was cursed that if he’d touch any woman without her consent, his head would explode and he’d die. He was cursed by Nalkuber —Kuber’s Son. Ravan raped Rambha, who was set to Marry Nalakubera. Kuber was Ravan’s half-brother, and so, by that relation, Ravan raped his to-be-Daughter-in-law. With that load of information, you do the math — “whos crime is more horrific?”

On the contrary, unlike you… Hindus very well know why they Celebrate Dussehra — Simply put, WE celebrate triumph of Good over Evil. While Effigies of Ravana are burnt, people wish each other to get rid of evils that dwell inside us all.

Ram Singh, one of Nirbhaya’s Rapists, was driven to suicide by fellow prisoners — he hung himself in Prison. Rape ACCUSED are put behind bars without evidence on basis of just an FIR! This has led to rise in numbers of Women misusing law by lodging False Rape cases as well. What more do you want? Ravan very much exists… He existence in ignorance of people like yourself, Mr. Ram Gopal Verma!

How many villains will you remind the society of? There are too many villains, each meeting his/her well-deserved end sooner or later. When we can’t remember all our freedom fighters… all our Heroes, how do you expect us to remember all the villains. Ravan represents all such villains. (including yourself, for making Aag?)

Again, do you know, as per Hindu Theology, what happens to the souls of those who meet their end at the hands of the Gods? Answer : they attain Moksha i.e. their soul breaks free from the cycle of life & death and is assimilated into the Parabrahmn… they become one with God. So, theres no Ravan’s soul left behind to be blessed. Infact, that soul has already attained the highest form of bliss one could aim to achieve, as per Hindu Philosophy!

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